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Bump redis from 4.5.1 to 4.6.0

libautomation requested to merge dependabot/bundler/redis-4.6.0 into main

Bumps redis from 4.5.1 to 4.6.0.


Sourced from redis's changelog.


  • Deprecate Redis.current.

  • Deprecate calling commands on Redis inside Redis#pipelined. See #1059.

    redis.pipelined do

    should be replaced by:

    redis.pipelined do |pipeline|
  • Deprecate calling commands on Redis inside Redis#multi. See #1059.

    redis.multi do

    should be replaced by:

    redis.multi do |transaction|
  • Deprecate Redis#queue and Redis#commit. See #1059.

  • Fix zpopmax and zpopmin when called inside a pipeline. See #1055.

  • Redis#synchronize is now private like it should always have been.

  • Add Redis.silence_deprecations= to turn off deprecation warnings. If you don't wish to see warnings yet, you can set Redis.silence_deprecations = true. It is however heavily recommended to fix them instead when possible.

  • Add Redis.raise_deprecations= to turn deprecation warnings into errors. This makes it easier to identitify the source of deprecated APIs usage. It is recommended to set Redis.raise_deprecations = true in development and test environments.

  • Add new options to ZRANGE. See #1053.

  • Add ZRANGESTORE command. See #1053.

  • Add SCAN support for Redis::Cluster. See #1049.

  • Add COPY command. See #1053. See #1048.

  • Add ZDIFFSTORE command. See #1046.

  • Add ZDIFF command. See #1044.

  • Add ZUNION command. See #1042.

  • Add HRANDFIELD command. See #1040.

  • 4e76b03 Release 4.6.0
  • 64e2664 Merge pull request #1063 from cmcinnes-mdsol/fix/clustered-scan-functions
  • acda111 Add specs for scan methods key extraction
  • 88e1c9d Remove broken scan case statement branch
  • 9446688 Use require_relative less
  • e3cf29d Add Redis.raise_deprecations= to help track down deprecated usages
  • 4663cb6 Fix method redefinition warnings
  • 5e6da6e Refactor Redis#synchronize and make it private
  • c30c510 Merge pull request #1061 from casperisfine/multi-deprecation
  • cbc3bdd Deprecate calling commands on the original Redis instance in multi (block)
  • Additional commits viewable in compare view

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