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Bump capybara from 3.35.3 to 3.36.0

libautomation requested to merge dependabot/bundler/capybara-3.36.0 into main

Bumps capybara from 3.35.3 to 3.36.0.


Sourced from capybara's changelog.

Version 3.36.0

Release date: 2021-10-24


  • Ruby 2.6.0+ is now required
  • Minimum selenium-webdriver supported is now 3.142.7


  • Support for selenium-webdriver 4.x
  • allow_label_click accepts click options to be used when clicking an associated label
  • Deprecated allow_gumbo= in favor of use_html5_parsing= to enable use of Nokogiri::HTL5 when available
  • Session#active_element returns the element with focus - Not supported by the RackTest driver [Sean Doyle]
  • Support focused: filter for finding interactive elements - Not supported by the RackTest driver [Sean Doyle]


  • Sibling and ancestor queries now work with Simple::Node - Issue #2452
  • rack_test correctly ignores readonly attribute on specific input element types
  • Node#all_text always returns a string - Issue #2477
  • have_any_of_selectors negated match - Issue #2473
  • Document#scroll_to fixed for standards behavior - pass quirks: true if you need the older behavior [Eric Anderson]
  • Use capture on attach file event listener for better React compatibility [Jeff Way]
  • Animation disabler produces valid HTML [Javi Martin]


  • References to non-w3c mode in drivers/tests. Non-w3c mode is obsolete and no one should be using it anymore. Capybara hasn't been testing/supporting it in a while
  • 04bfe31 Prepare for 3.36.0 release
  • 9af7983 Update safari test expectations
  • 001a375 Update safari spec runner
  • 47be0d3 Set firefox tab key behavior and disable string to datetime-local test
  • 5359d4c Fix issue in safari node click
  • 2c647f4 Silence cucumber publishing notice
  • bd8e8b6 Merge pull request #2507 from teamcapybara/fix_chrome_logs_deprecation
  • 4ceba73 Fix deprecation warning in tests
  • 97393be Merge pull request #2506 from teamcapybara/style_fixes
  • 9856938 Minor code cleanup
  • Additional commits viewable in compare view

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