Verified Commit ceb936dd authored by Nate Childers's avatar Nate Childers 🚴

update baseline ubuntu-16.04 to .6

parent 88688eae
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"template-os-version": "ubuntu-16.04-server-amd64",
"installer-iso": "ubuntu-16.04.5-server-amd64.iso",
"installer-iso-url": "",
"installer-iso-sha256": "c94de1cc2e10160f325eb54638a5b5aa38f181d60ee33dae9578d96d932ee5f8"
"installer-iso-url": "",
"installer-iso-sha256": "16afb1375372c57471ea5e29803a89a5a6bd1f6aabea2e5e34ac1ab7eb9786ac"
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