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RDR-638: DataCite DOI Minting

rfb11 requested to merge RDR-638-datacite-minting into main

This adds DataCite DOI minting, removes CrossRef DOI minting, and introduces new supporting configuration changes and rake tasks.

Environment variable changes:

  • Moves the DOI prefix into an environment variable, DOI_PREFIX
  • Removes the CrossRef-specific environment variables CROSSREF_USER, CROSSREF_PASSWORD, and CROSSREF_HOST
  • Adds the DataCite-specific environment variables DATACITE_USER, DATACITE_PASSWORD, DATACITE_PROVIDER_ID, and DATACITE_HOST

New rake tasks:

  • list_missing_dois: List DOIs assigned in RDR but missing in DataCite
  • mint_missing_dois: Mint DOIs assigned in RDR but missing in DataCite
  • mint_or_update_all_datasets_with_dois: Mint or update all DOIs assigned in RDR in DataCite (this updates all metadata in DataCite using the current metadata and metadata mapping in RDR)
  • transform_doi_prefixes: Transform all DOIs on works to have the current DOI Prefix (this is used to test DOI minting/mapping with real production data & DOIs but a test DOI prefix in e.g. the RDR staging environment)
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