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Bump redis from 4.6.0 to 4.7.0

libautomation requested to merge dependabot/bundler/redis-4.7.0 into main

Bumps redis from 4.6.0 to 4.7.0.


Sourced from redis's changelog.


  • Support single endpoint architecture with SSL/TLS in cluster mode. See #1086.
  • zrem and zadd act as noop when provided an empty list of keys. See #1097.
  • Support IPv6 URLs.
  • Add Redis#with for better compatibility with connection_pool usage.
  • Fix the block form of multi called inside pipelined. Previously the MUTLI/EXEC wouldn't be sent. See #1073.
  • 70dab9c Release 4.7.0
  • 4724c1b Support IPv6 URLs
  • 59a2102 Merge pull request #1097 from amomchilov/noop-variadic-APIs-on-empty-input
  • 13cbec2 Make variadic APIs no-op if given empty values
  • 674541c Add Redis#with
  • 5fb64bd Merge pull request #1086 from supercaracal/support-azure-cache-for-redis-with...
  • ab7c371 Support single endpoint architecture with SSL/TLS in cluster mode
  • 610c783 Merge pull request #1081 from supercaracal/fix-id-for-obj-inspection
  • bf9e5e7 Reflect scheme of URI in client ID instead of hard coding
  • 399ebde Merge pull request #1079 from jozefvaclavik/patch-1
  • Additional commits viewable in compare view

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