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Bump hyrax from 3.2.0 to 3.4.1

libautomation requested to merge dependabot/bundler/hyrax-3.4.1 into main

Bumps hyrax from 3.2.0 to 3.4.1.

Release notes

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Release Highlights

What's Changed

New Features

Bug Fixes


Full Changelog:


Release Highlights

  • ProxyDepositListener was deprecated. This listener is now a no-op. To retain functionality ensure that DefaultMiddlewareStack is configured to use Hyrax::Actors::TransferRequestActor. (PR 5550)
  • A work's location metadata field now displays a full label (e.g. city, state, country) when Geonames is enabled. (PR 5493)
  • Improved consistency in UI labeling on Dashboard (PR 5500, PR 5508, PR 5510, PR 5527)


  • ProxyDepositListener was deprecated. (PR 5550)
  • Deprecates ContentDepositorChangeEventJob which called ChangeContentDepositorService, replacing them with a service that does the work and then backgrounds the event logging. (PR 5553)
  • Deprecate PermissionTemplate#reset_access_controls, use PermissionTemplate#reset_access_controls_for instead (PR 5410)
  • Deprecate experimental transactions that are no longer supported (PR 5518)

Bug Fixes

  • Fix for Javascript error in Analytics when no analytics provider set up (PR 5523)
  • #5470 - Bug: ActionController::InvalidAuthenticityToken in Hyrax::Dashboard::CollectionsController#update when updating banner
  • #5471 - Works in mediated workflow not listed as managed works for user with managing role
  • #2259 - valid_delete? for permission_template_access should allow delete for :view and :deposit access
  • #1152 - Versioning a file does not alter file name or recharacterize file
  • #5483 - ArgumentError in CollectionsController #update when updating and saving changes to logos
  • #1156 - Batch Works Upload screen lacks breadcrumbs
  • #1065 - Index full place name from geonames
  • #3269 - Editing works shows location URI instead of location label
  • #5502 - Update the "New Collection" button label to be "Add new collection" and fix translations
  • #5509 - Make column titles and order consistent between Collections and Works dashboards
  • #5506 - Remove icons from the Works dashboard "actions" dropdown menu

... (truncated)

  • 4c1a99a Merge pull request #5590 from samvera/prep-3.4.1
  • 77d5274 Prepare release 3.4.1
  • 614664b fixup Hyrax::Schema() documentation formatting, edit for clarity
  • 54d3b2f Merge pull request #5577 from samvera/auto-release-notes-config
  • 3be60c7 Merge pull request #5583 from samvera/abel-5549-fix_facet_pagination_ui
  • 03b3cd9 Merge pull request #5580 from samvera/issue-5492
  • 1d6c95d Update _facet_pagination.html.erb
  • 0e38123 allow sub-collections to be created from collection page
  • 4f06d37 Create release.yml
  • 739920c Merge pull request #5571 from samvera/fix_flaky_empty_admin_set_spec
  • Additional commits viewable in compare view

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