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Bump pg from 1.2.3 to 1.3.0

libautomation requested to merge dependabot/bundler/pg-1.3.0 into main

Bumps pg from 1.2.3 to 1.3.0.


Sourced from pg's changelog.

== v1.3.0 [2022-01-20] Michael Granger

Install Enhancements:

  • Print some install help if libpq wasn't found. #396 This should help to pick the necessary package without googling.
  • Update Windows fat binary gem to OpenSSL-1.1.1m and PostgreSQL-14.1.
  • Add binary Windows gems for Ruby 3.0 and 3.1.
  • Make the library path of libpq available in ruby as PG::POSTGRESQL_LIB_PATH and add it to the search paths on Windows similar to +rpath+ on Unix systems. #373
  • Fall back to pkg-config if pg_config is not found. #380
  • Add option to extconf.rb to disable nogvl-wrapping of libpq functions. All methods (except are nonblocking now, so that GVL unlock is in theory no longer necessary. However it can have some advantage in concurrency, so that GVL unlock is still enabled by default. Use:
    • gem inst pg -- --disable-gvl-unlock

API Enhancements:

  • Add full compatibility to Fiber.scheduler introduced in Ruby-3.0. #397
    • Add async_connect and async_send methods and add specific specs for Fiber.scheduler #342
    • Add async_get_result and async_get_last_result
    • Add async_get_copy_data
    • Implement async_put_copy_data/async_put_copy_end
    • Implement async_reset method using the nonblocking libpq API
    • Add async_set_client_encoding which is compatible to scheduler
    • Add async_cancel as a nonblocking version of conn#cancel
    • Add async_encrypt_password
    • Run in a second thread.
    • Make discard_results scheduler friendly
    • Do all socket waiting through the conn.socket_io object.
    • Avoid PG.connect blocking while address resolution by automatically providing the +hostaddr+ parameter.
    • On Windows Fiber.scheduler support requires Ruby-3.1+. It is also only partly usable since may ruby IO methods are not yet scheduler aware on Windows.
  • Add support for pipeline mode of PostgreSQL-14. #401
  • Allow specification of multiple hosts in PostgreSQL URI. #387
  • Add new method conn.backend_key - used to implement our own cancel method.

Type cast enhancements:

  • Add PG::BasicTypeMapForQueries::BinaryData for encoding of bytea columns. #348
  • Reduce time to build coder maps and permit to reuse them for several type maps per . #376
  • Make BasicTypeRegistry a class and use a global default instance of it. Now a local type registry can be instanciated and given to the type map, to avoid changing shared global states.
  • Allow PG::BasicTypeMapForQueries to take a Proc as callback for undefined types.

Other Enhancements:

  • Convert all PG classes implemented in C to TypedData objects. #349
  • Support ObjectSpace.memsize_of(obj) on all classes implemented in C. #393
  • Make all PG objects implemented in C memory moveable and therefore GC.compact friendly. #349
  • Update errorcodes and error classes to PostgreSQL-14.0.
  • Add PG::CONNECTION_* constants for conn.status of newer PostgreSQL versions.
  • Add better support for logical replication. #339
  • Change conn.socket_io to read+write mode and to a BasicSocket object instead of IO.

... (truncated)

  • 0206294 Remove prerelease version, update history
  • ab36883 Update expired gem-signing cert
  • f873d39 Update History.rdoc reg. Windows specific rb_io_wait()
  • 8b053b6 Merge branch 'master' of
  • e754e43 Bump VERSION to 1.3.0.rc4
  • bba8786 Merge pull request #417 from larskanis/speedup-windows
  • b50eb0c Add a faster Windows specific rb_io_wait() implementation
  • 390e076 Update Float encoder format in docs
  • c463267 CI: Fix ruby-2.5 on github actions
  • 0e97f48 Docs: Link to the current PostgreSQL version
  • Additional commits viewable in compare view

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