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Draft: Bump hyrax from 3.2.0 to 3.3.0

libautomation requested to merge dependabot/bundler/hyrax-3.3.0 into main

Bumps hyrax from 3.2.0 to 3.3.0.

Release notes

Sourced from hyrax's releases.


Release Highlights

  • Significant improvements to Analytics for Collections and Works
  • Prep work for upcoming Blacklight upgrade
  • Continued progress towards Valkyrie MVP

Issue Fixes

  • #5261 - Create default admin set for non-wings adapters
  • #5272 - Create Collection button missing when collection model is PcdmCollection
  • #5248 - Remove generated feature tests for AF based work types [solution is not removal but marking test as pending]
  • #5281 - Newly created Hyrax::PcdmCollection not in dashboard -> collections
  • Fix SerializationError in Regenerate Derivatives task (#5296)

Analytics Improvements (PR #5089)

  • #4564 - Thinking about analytics
  • #4530 - Analytics Graph is not responsive on mobile devices
  • #3551 - Work stats page discrepancy in the dates on mouseover for pageviews chart
  • #2542 - Clarity on what a pageview is and what a download is and how they are generated
  • #2566 - Single Work Analytics Page
  • Provide a NullAnalyticsParser if no analytics provider is given (#5284)
  • Support previous yaml config structure for Analytics (#5315)

Valkyrie Work

  • Valkyrie characterization and File attachment (#5321, #5323, #5324)
  • Add transactions for creating an admin set (connected to issue #5130) (#5268)
  • Add validations for required fields to pcdm_collection_form (#5274)
  • Test creation of collections when valkyrie resource & fix failures (#5267)
  • Fix failure to forward to collection edit after create for PcdmCollection (#5283)
  • check Collection create_any permissions based on the configured Collection model class (permissions) (#5273)
  • Temporarily skip thumbnail for PcdmCollection (#5287)
  • Fix indexing of RDF Types in ValkyrieFileSetIndexer (#5297)
  • wings: add an error message for a wings/fedora-specific error (#5322)

Documentation Improvements

  • Adding to troubleshooting section (#5262)
  • Add a list of actions that Hyrax::Ability defines rules for (#5260)

Helm Chart Improvements

  • Update Solr version to 8.11.1 in Chart (#5302)


  • make the member presenter factory for WorkShowPresenter configurable (#5265)
  • Adds workflow to trigger nurax deploy on push (#5253)
  • Do not get all collections for dashboard (#5325)

... (truncated)

  • 828cc4b add Blacklight::Searchable-like behavior to Hyrax::Controller
  • cb48cf6 add @member_docs to assigns for dashboard/collections/show view spec
  • 297bd6e prepare release v3.3.0
  • 7b7c2ae check solr directly for depositor instead of going through ActiveFedora
  • a728375 Merge pull request #5328 from samvera/bc_default_adminset
  • dd6501a fix dashboard/my/collections when default admin set table doesn’t exist
  • 740840a do not get all collections for dashboard (#5325)
  • 03201a5 Merge pull request #5253 from samvera/repo_dispatch
  • 6c384f1 wings: add an error message for a Wings/Fedora-specific error
  • 86169ae test deposit of files via WorkUploadsHandler
  • Additional commits viewable in compare view

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