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Blacklight OAI provider

rfb11 requested to merge blacklight_oai_provider into main

This adds OAI-PMH support for RDR-433, with an endpoint at /catalog/oai.

There was one fix I needed to add to the blacklight_oai_provider gem for the OAI endpoint not to throw errors whenever a request was made against an empty repository, which I've made an upstream pull request for here:

As a result, the Gemfile is currently pointing to my fork/branch of blacklight_oai_provider with this fix applied. Since we shouldn't have to worry about an empty repository in production, we don't necessarily need to use my fork, and we could use upstream v6.1.1 instead. However, we would either need to skip the OAI-PMH tests until upstream updates with a new 6.1.x release with the fix incorporated, or adjust the OAI-PMH tests so that Solr records are available in the test environment and the bug doesn't get triggered (which I tried unsuccessfully to do, but someone else may have more experience with this).

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