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Bump i18n-tasks from 0.9.35 to 0.9.36

libautomation requested to merge dependabot/bundler/i18n-tasks-0.9.36 into main

Bumps i18n-tasks from 0.9.35 to 0.9.36.


Sourced from i18n-tasks's changelog.


  • Fixes ActiveSupport 7 compatibility. #403
  • Fixes mixed optional and keyword arguments in #401
  • *.map files are now ignored by default. #399
  • data task now supports the key-values format that outputs a TSV. #398
  • "#{hash["key"]}" interpolations are now supported in the pattern scanner. #397 #405
  • Forward slash (/) is now an allowed character in translation keys. #396
  • f6365c5 Bump to v0.9.36
  • ce0ef90 Github CI: Fix coverage upload
  • f6703c9 Add missing translation in ru.yml
  • a6d4495 Ignore sourcemap files
  • 4799bb0 Fix compatibility with ActiveSupport 7+
  • 0885805 Fix "#{double_quoted["hash"]}" pattern
  • f85dd8f Replace Travis with GitHub CI
  • e25efeb change order of arguments for base task
  • 1b9e046 Add key-values format to data task
  • 2faebce Treat hash literal as valid keys
  • Additional commits viewable in compare view

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