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Draft: Bump dalli from 3.0.6 to 3.1.5

libautomation requested to merge dependabot/bundler/dalli-3.1.5 into main

Bumps dalli from 3.0.6 to 3.1.5.


Sourced from dalli's changelog.


  • Fix bug with get_cas key with "Not found" value [petergoldstein]
  • Replace should return nil, not raise error, on miss (petergoldstein)


  • Improve response parsing performance (casperisfine)
  • Reorganize binary protocol parsing a bit (petergoldstein)
  • Fix handling of non-ASCII keys in get_multi (petergoldstein)


  • Restore falsey behavior on delete/delete_cas for nonexistent key (petergoldstein)


  • Make quiet? / multi? public on Dalli::Protocol::Binary (petergoldstein)


  • Add quiet support for incr, decr, append, depend, and flush (petergoldstein)
  • Additional refactoring to allow reuse of connection behavior (petergoldstein)
  • Fix issue in flush such that it wasn't passing the delay argument to memcached (petergoldstein)


  • BREAKING CHANGE: Update Rack::Session::Dalli to inherit from Abstract::PersistedSecure. This will invalidate existing sessions (petergoldstein)
  • BREAKING CHANGE: Use of unsupported operations in a multi block now raise an error. (petergoldstein)
  • Extract PipelinedGetter from Dalli::Client (petergoldstein)
  • Fix SSL socket so that it works with pipelined gets (petergoldstein)
  • Additional refactoring to split classes (petergoldstein)

Edited by David Chandek-Stark

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