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Bump dalli from 3.0.6 to 3.1.0

libautomation requested to merge dependabot/bundler/dalli-3.1.0 into main

Bumps dalli from 3.0.6 to 3.1.0.


Sourced from dalli's changelog.


  • BREAKING CHANGE: Update Rack::Session::Dalli to inherit from Abstract::PersistedSecure. This will invalidate existing sessions (petergoldstein)
  • BREAKING CHANGE: Use of unsupported operations in a multi block now raise an error. (petergoldstein)
  • Extract PipelinedGetter from Dalli::Client (petergoldstein)
  • Fix SSL socket so that it works with pipelined gets (petergoldstein)
  • Additional refactoring to split classes (petergoldstein)
  • 0c65041 Prepare for version 3.1.0 (#860)
  • f698aee Encapsulate the response buffer. (#859)
  • 7d3fe13 Encapsulate response header to simply return values, prepare for opaque expos...
  • 76acdbd Removes the server attribute from Dalli socket classes, and puts server handl...
  • 983cc1e Rename multi_response_abort, add some comments, and prepare pipeline for extr...
  • c1b94ca Minor cleanup of the normalize_options method (#855)
  • dff4238 Update SSL socket so that it can be used with pipelined gets (#854)
  • 97c485a Extract the PipelinedGetter from the Dalli::Client (#852)
  • 4ead29d Another approach to getting SASL working in CI, now that we've verified funct...
  • 66f5dae Raise an error if an unsupported operation is used in a multi block (#847)
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