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Bump rspec-rails from 4.1.2 to 5.0.2

libautomation requested to merge dependabot/bundler/rspec-rails-5.0.2 into main

Bumps rspec-rails from 4.1.2 to 5.0.2.


Sourced from rspec-rails's changelog.

5.0.2 / 2021-08-14

Full Changelog

Bug Fixes:

  • Prevent generated job specs from duplicating _job in filenames. (Nick Flückiger, #2496)
  • Fix ActiveRecord::TestFixture#uses_transaction by using example description to replace example name rather than example in our monkey patched run_in_transaction? method. (Stan Lo, #2495)
  • Prevent keyword arguments being lost when methods are invoked dynamically in controller specs. (Josh Cheek, #2509, #2514)

5.0.1 / 2021-03-18

Full Changelog

Bug Fixes:

  • Limit multibyte example descriptions when used in system tests for #method_name which ends up as screenshot names etc. (@y-yagi, #2405, #2487)

5.0.0 / 2021-03-09

Full Changelog


  • Support new #file_fixture_path and new fixture test support code. (Jon Rowe, #2398)
  • Support for Rails 6.1. (Benoit Tigeot, Jon Rowe, Phil Pirozhkov, and more #2398)

Breaking Changes:

  • Drop support for Rails below 5.2.

4.1.1 / 2021-03-09

Bug Fixes:

  • Remove generated specs when destroying a generated controller. (@Naokimi, #2475)

4.1.0 / 2021-03-06


  • Issue a warning when using job matchers with #at mis-match on usec precision. (Jon Rowe, #2350)
  • Generated request specs now have a bare _spec suffix instead of request_spec. (Eloy Espinaco, Luka Lüdicke, #2355, #2356, #2378)
  • Generated scaffold now includes engine route helpers when inside a mountable engine. (Andrew W. Lee, #2372)

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