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Bump dalli from 2.7.11 to 3.0.2

libautomation requested to merge dependabot/bundler/dalli-3.0.2 into main

Bumps dalli from 2.7.11 to 3.0.2.


Sourced from dalli's changelog.


  • Restore Windows compatibility (petergoldstein)
  • Add JRuby to CI and make requisite changes (petergoldstein)
  • Clarify documentation for supported rubies (petergoldstein)


  • Fix syntax error that prevented inclusion of Dalli::Server (ryanfb)
  • Restore with method required by ActiveSupport::Cache::MemCacheStore



    • Removes :dalli_store. Use Rails' official :mem_cache_store instead.
    • Attempting to store a larger value than allowed by memcached used to print a warning and truncate the value. This now raises an error to prevent silent data corruption.
    • Compression now defaults to true for large values (greater than 4KB). This is intended to minimize errors due to the previous note.
    • Errors marshalling values now raise rather than just printing an error.
    • The Rack session adapter has been refactored to remove support for thread-unsafe configurations. You will need to include the connection_pool gem in your Gemfile to ensure session operations are thread-safe.
  • Raise NetworkError when multi response gets into corrupt state (mervync, #783)

  • Validate servers argument (semaperepelitsa, petergoldstein, #776)

  • Enable SSL support (bdunne, #775)

  • Add gat operation (tbeauvais, #769)

  • Removes inline native code, use Ruby 2.3+ support for bsearch instead. (mperham)

  • Switch repo to Github Actions and upgrade Ruby versions (petergoldstein, bdunne, Fryguy)

  • Update benchmark test for Rubyprof changes (nateberkopec)

  • Remove support for the kgio gem, it is not relevant in Ruby 2.3+. (mperham)

  • Remove inline native code, use Ruby 2.3+ support for bsearch instead. (mperham)

  • 82b5f4c Merge pull request #800 from petergoldstein/version/3_0_2
  • 04d5a82 Prepare for 3.0.2
  • 0e32aa3 Merge pull request #797 from petergoldstein/spike/add_jruby_to_ci
  • 6e500dc Add the JRubies to the matrix
  • 7d1d34e Merge pull request #796 from petergoldstein/bugfix/restore_windows_compatibility
  • a325343 Don't load UNIXSocket on Windows systems
  • 3347099 Merge pull request #793 from petergoldstein/version/3_0_1_v2
  • 9735630 Prepare for 3.0.1 release
  • a48f759 Merge pull request #792 from petergoldstein/bugfix/766
  • ff8b2d9 Restore with method for compatibility with existing Rails code
  • Additional commits viewable in compare view

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