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Draft: Bump rubytree from 1.0.2 to 2.0.0

libautomation requested to merge dependabot/bundler/rubytree-2.0.0 into main

Bumps rubytree from 1.0.2 to 2.0.0.

Release notes

Sourced from rubytree's releases.

Release 2.0.0

Key Highlights

A major release of the RubyTree library, with focus on modernization and merging in the community contributions.

Much of the legacy and deprecated code has been removed or updated (this does include some API breakage).

See the detailed changes in the and the files.

What's Changed

New Contributors

Full Changelog:


Sourced from rubytree's changelog.

Release 2.0.0 Changes

  • The minimum required Ruby version is now 2.6 (or higher).

  • The long-broken Tree::TreeNode#depth method has finally been removed. Use [Tree::TreeNode#node_depth][node_depth] instead.

  • Support for CamelCase methods has been removed. This was a legacy shim that has hopefully outlived its usefulness.

  • Use of integers as node-names now no longer requires the optional num_as_name method argument.

  • The predicate methods beginning with is_ or has_ are now aliases to the real methods without these prefixes. For example, Tree::TreeNode#is_root? is now aliased to Tree::TreeNode#root?. This is to comply with the Ruby standard. These original prefixed method names should be considered as deprecated and the corresponding non-prefixed method names should be used instead. it is possible that the old prefixed method names might be removed in the future.

  • [structured_warnings][] has been removed from the code-base and is no longer a dependency. This was a long-standing point of friction for many users.

Release 0.9.5 Changes

  • The [Tree::TreeNode#add][add] method now provides move semantics, if a child node on an existing tree is added to another tree, or another location on the same tree. In this situation, the child node is removed from its old position and added to the new parent node. After the add operation is complete, the child no longer exists on the old tree/location.

Release 0.9.3 Changes

  • Validation for unique node names has changed in the [Tree::TreeNode#add][add] method. RubyTree no longer enforces globally unique names. The node-names need to be unique only between the sibling nodes.

Release 0.9.0 Changes

  • New post-ordered traversal via the [Tree::TreeNode#postordered_each][postordered_each] method.

  • The Binary Tree implementation now supports in-order traversal via the [Tree::BinaryTreeNode#inordered_each][inordered_each] method.

  • RubyTree now mixes in the Comparable module.

... (truncated)

  • a1505c4 Updated the Gemfile.lock with the latest release version.
  • eda68ff Releasing R2.0.0.
  • 4418bd5 Updated the Gemfile.lock by locally running bundle install
  • a78a900 Updated Yard to 0.9.20 to avoid the two vulnerabilities reported by dependabot.
  • bc50245 Made the dependency on Bundler more specific.
  • 8060391 Added a semantic version specification for the Bundler dependency
  • bdcfa99 Added semantic version constraints to the dependencies.
  • 1fbafc0 Merge pull request #88 from evolve75/rubocop-fixes
  • b39b50b Removed the is_ and has_ prefixes from predicate methods.
  • aff2a34 Code fixes for the Rubocop warnings.
  • Additional commits viewable in compare view

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