Commit e05482ee authored by Michael Faber's avatar Michael Faber

added new provisioning profile

parent 74665e63
......@@ -76,7 +76,7 @@ class BuildIpaJob < ActiveJob::Base
'iPhone Distribution: Duke University', # cert name in Keychain
'-e', File.join(tmpdir, 'entitlements.plist'),
# TODO: allow for multiple provisioning profiles and App IDs
'-p', Rails.root.join('resources', 'ios_provisioning_profiles', 'CoLab_Member_Apps_Nov_2017.mobileprovision').to_s,
'-p', Rails.root.join('resources', 'ios_provisioning_profiles', 'CoLab_Member_Apps_Nov_2018.mobileprovision').to_s,
'-t', File.join(tmpdir, 'floatsign_tmp'),
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